Steel Roofing

The two most common roofing material used for metal roofing are aluminum and steel roofing. Whether it’s residential or commercial use, both perform similarly, and have the benefits of strength, durability, and lasting beauty. Steel naturally has greater durability than other types of metal roofing, while being less expensive and having high corrosion resistance. Regardless of which material is used, both are coated to protect roofs from rusting. This coating also allows the roof to stay quiet from rain, snow or hail when properly installed. Steel roofing is more complex than metal roofing when it comes to installation but will end up being the most durable for any kind of building use.

Our steel material is backed by a lifetime warranty and realistically will outlive you before the material receives damage that might harm the building. Our GERARD roofing technology supplies Grade A fire resistant steel and can resist high winds and hail. A steel roof will also shed off snow and ice accumulation as the coating will allow it to fall off the roof before it forms a dam.

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